frequenciesExhibition title: Frequencies
Date: 2010.02.25. 10:00
Place: Millenáris, Budapest, B Building, Jövő Háza
Supported by: EMI

Official webpage: FREQUENCIES

Frequencies represents the musical frequency domains in a visual and auditory manner. The frames recall television screens. As soon as the pictures sensor a visitor nearby, they begin to speak, and motivate us for different actions.


Le Cool

vikicoolTitle: Interview

What: Interview + Cover Painting (21-27 January, 2010)

Where: Le Cool Online Program Magazine

Web page: Viki at Le Cool

Viki has been interviewed by a leading European Online Program Magazine, and you may not only enjoy the text, but you may also meet with one of her works that has been only created for the Magazine.

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Viktoria Szunyoghy

Young, Hungarian contemporary artist with thematical concepts from water and waterpolo to South-African everyday life memoires.

"When I paint, I think about series of paintings almost all the time, not standalone ones. This means that if I am intrigued by a topic, I try to present it in as many ways as possible. My recent paintings are a  series of beach-related and underwater scenes, for example the "Little Wet Series", comprising 16 pieces of 30x30 cm oil paintings with swimmers, kids splashing in the water, lovers kissing, girls holding their breath, divers and and other people floating and posing to the imaginary camera. I designed the series in a way that the small genres make up a whole." /Viktoria Szunyoghy/

ELITE Magazine / Viktoria Szunyoghy