Le Cool


Where: Le Cool Online Program Magazin

Photograph: Viktoria Szunyoghy

Website: Photograph of the Painter

You are able to meet Balazs Bondar's latest works in ELITE Fashion Magazine 2010 January which you can soon find in the shops. Furthermore you may find his latest shooted photo at Le Cool online programme magazine, which you can find on the cover interview under the following url:




Photography: Viktoria Szunyoghy


When: February-March 2010 edition

You are going to be able to meet Balazs Bondar's latest works in ELITE Fashion Magazine 2010 February-March edition. Soon in the shops.


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Balazs Bondar

"Our fatal and dishonest world forces every individual to wear a false mask in front of our true selves. From our childhood we start to learn that we must hide and as years pass we become masters of this art. On the other hand side life doesn’t pass without notice we learn about love and pain and we get scars and bruises. Every one of us has a different story, that leave different marks. Marks that seem to vanish, to pass without notice. Love and pain come and go, they changed places and it may seem that they don’t leave anything behind. Again, thanks to our sofisticated skill to hide and to represent an imagined person, a built up personality. But here comes the brutal force
of photography: it can make visible the unseen: the oppressed side of any human. This is very direct, very clean power in photography: to tell the truth not only describing it, but showing it directly. To deprive the visible from every distrubing bits until only the trapped, naked truth remains in the frame. This is a huge responsibility for the photographer: it’s not easy at all to be always sure about what is real and what is a lie. It’s not easy , but it’s definitely not impossible. Knowing the person you are depicting or their work is essential , but to be present and feel their being  is equally important. There is no such as a good or bad modell, there is only a good or bad photograph(er). But in the final picture not only the modell is visible; the photographer must be present. There must be some kind of interaction: you can’t pronounce a consonant without the help of other sounds. There is no human being without interacting. We communicate. We are people. A good portrait is also like a written interview, the photographer is there, but must not be overpresented. A good balance is essential. I appriciate very much this kind of photography. As a result of my curiosity to the world I feel the need to get closer to my fellow men. We are all bits of the big puzzle calle life, and making portraits is my tool to get together the whole picture of Human kind" Balazs Bondar